Parental Standards

Team Yakima requires all adults to follow these PARENTAL STANDARDS

  • Make athletic participation for your daughter and others a positive experience.
  • Try to relieve the pressure of competition, not increase it. Your daughter may be easily affected by outside influences.
  • Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team. Be a role model of good sportsmanship for your daughter and other young athletes.
  • Do not criticize your daughter's teammates on or off the floor.
  • Do not coach your daughter from the bleachers or at any time during a match or practice.
  • Show proper respect for all opponents. The opponents are necessary friends. Without them your daughter would have no one to play against and could not participate.
  • Give the official the respect to which they are entitled, even when you disagree or feel the official has made a mistake. Do not allow yourself or your daughter to blame the officials or coaching decisions for a play or loss.
  • Accept the results of each game and encourage your daughter to be gracious in victory and turn defeat into a learning experience by focusing on working towards improvement.
  • Be kind and respectful to your daughter's coaches.
  • Be kind and respectful to all volunteers or representatives of the club.
  • Playing time is the decision of the head coach; accept this fact and help your daughter accept it.
  • While at a tournament, never confront a coach or attempt to discuss your daughter's playing time, her role on the team, or any other aspects of her participation. Too much is going on during competition for this to be productive at that time.
  • If you wish to discuss your daughter's status with the coach, make an appointment to do so at a later date.
  • Get to know the parents of the other players on the team and in the club; you share the same stresses and satisfactions. You may form life-long friendships.
  • Your daughter is a part of a team. She will remember the fun and her teammates, and not her playing time. Understand this, emotionally deal with this, and keep your ego in check.
  • Parental attitude carries an incredible deal of weight with your daughter. Even if you do not vocalize your opinions, she can read your body language and disposition. The attitude shown by you at home and at games, toward team members and coaching staff, influences your daughter's values and behaviors in sports for life.